Classroom Guidance

What is classroom guidance? 
Classroom guidance is a developmental, systematic method by which students receive structured lessons that address academic, career, and personal/social needs, delivered by their school counselor. 

WMS Classroom Guidance
This year, the WMS counselors will be teaching three classroom lessons each marking period, through one core subject class period. Each lesson lasts approximately 40-45 minutes. The counselors also spend time with the students acclimating them to our online program called Naviance. This program houses students' goals, career projects, and other information that is part of each students' Student Success Plan (SSP). The counselors use the program and its adjoining curriculum, to carry out these lessons. 


What is Advisory?
Advisory is a program designed to personalize student learning and to lead students on the pathway to success in college and career. Advisory focuses on student outcomes aligned to four goals:

  • To help advisees reflect upon and monitor their academic progress through a formal conferencing structure.

  • To develop and maintain relationships between and among advisees and advisors.

  • To help advisees identify and develop the necessary attitudes, behaviors and skills to succeed in school, college and life.

  • To provide advisees with the resources and information necessary to make thoughtful decisions about the future. 

Advisory at WMS
This year, changes have been made to WMS' Advisory Program. The counselors came together last summer and worked on editing the CollegeBoard Advisory curriculum to fit the needs of our students. This year, students have been assigned to an advisor that they will have for the three years that they are at Windham Middle School. Similarly, those groups of students will not change. Advisory groups are no bigger than 14 students; the purpose behind this is to build relationships with both the students in the group and the advisor. Advisory meets every Friday for 45 minutes. During this time, the advisors and advisees discuss personal/social topics, careers and colleges, and ways to build community in our building. 

A key element in this program is the Individual Academic Conferencing. 7 times throughout the year, the advisor will meet one-on-one with each advisee in their group and discuss their grades for the marking period. 

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