Attendance Information For Our Middle School Families

All children and young adults benefit from consistency, and attendance during academic programming should be as consistent as possible.  According to state law, all school age children are required to attend when school is in session.

·       If your child will be absent from school, and you know in advance, please send a note or call the school to let us know.

·       On other days when your child will not be coming to school, please call the school office before 9:00 AM and advise us that your child will be absent that day.  At Windham Middle School, the number you should call is   860-465-2350

The school will notify any parent or guardian of a child with 4 or more unexcused absences. At 10 unexcused absences (or 4 unexcused absences in a month), the student is considered truant and a formal PPT (Placement Planning Team) meeting will be called between the parent or guardian and school staff.  We require the following in the event of an absence because of the strict and specific stipulations of the State Law:

1. Excused Absence 1 to 9 days:  The parent or guardian should call the school secretary/Attendance Coordinator at 860-465-2350 on the first day of each absence or period of absences.  The parent must also send a signed note to school with the student within 10 days of the student’s return.

2. Excused Absence 10 days or more:  In addition to the requirements for Excused Absence 1-9, the school reserves the right to require a physician or other appropriate certification. The following documented reasons will be accepted as excused absences:

·       Illness documented by a medical professional

·       Religious Holidays

·       Death in the student’s family (up to two days)

·       Suspensions

·       Court appearances (accompanied by a note from the court)

·       Any extenuating circumstances with prior notification and acceptance of a school administrator.

Any absence that does not fall into the description above is an unexcused absence (i.e. family vacation, child care of family members, not attending a school field trip, weather conditions when school is not cancelled).  If a student will be out for an extended period of time for a vacation or any reason, which the school considers an unexcused absence, it is still best to notify the school.  A student whose absences have been excused is entitled to make-up work.  A student who is not excused is not entitled to any make-up work.  Please call to arrange for work to be gathered together, (allow 24 hours for the assignments to be collected) if a student will be out for an extended period of time. 

Please visit to review the complete Board of Education Series 5000 Policy regarding Attendance, Truancy, and Chronic Absenteeism.


It would be helpful if parents follow this format for notes regarding a student’s absence.

Date ___________

Dear Attendance Coordinator:

   My son/daughter                 (first & last name)         was absent on __(date)____________ due to ___________________(reason).


                                                Signature of Parent or Guardian


Students must arrive to school on time.  Students entering after school has begun must report to the office.  A parent/guardian can send in a written excuse for their child being tardy.   A student will be excused for the following reasons:  a) doctor or dentist appointment (accompanied by a note from the doctor and the parent or guardian);  b) a family emergency or other extenuating circumstances such as court appearances (accompanied by a note from the court or parent/guardian.)  Note:  Unexcused tardiness includes missing the bus, waking up late, weather conditions when school is not delayed (excluding extreme circumstances).


Excused Early Dismissal

Students may be dismissed for the following reasons:

1. Doctor or dentist appointment

2. Family emergency

3. Court appearance 

The school strongly urges that all appointments be arranged after school hours.  We ask that requests for early dismissal be kept at an absolute minimum.  When necessary, requests are to be made in writing and presented to the main office before homeroom on the day of the dismissal.  Parents must come into the main office to sign the student out before they can leave.

Chronic Absenteeism

Day 1 of absence: If parent/ guardian have not called students out, secretary will call the home to inquire about absence.

Day 3 of excuse/unexcused absence: the secretary will mail a letter that explains chronic absenteeism.

Day 5 of excused/unexcused absence: a parent meeting will be arranged by a member of the school’s attendance team.

At 8 excused/unexcused absences: the school Social Worker and/or Family Liaison will conduct a home visit depending on the individual’s situation and communication from parent/guardian.

At 10 days of excused/unexcused absence: a PPT will be conducted.


The secretary will generate a letter to families at 4, 6 or 10 days of unexcused absences.

After 10 unexcused absences, and a PPT has been held *If appropriate, a DCF referral will be made for Educational Neglect.

*DCF Referrals are made when:

  • Parent does not call child out for absences

  • Parent does not send in notes with reason for absences or Dr. notes

  • Parent does not return calls to the school

  • Parent does not attend scheduled attendance meetings

After all other options, any student 10 years old or older will be referred to Central Office to discuss a referral to the Juvenile Review Board (JRB).

Below is an example of what a mailer looks like that you might receive reporting on your child's attendance.

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