Guidance Counseling

The purpose of the School Counseling Department is to enhance and promote student development toward becoming a successful and highly productive member of society. The department's mission is based on a philosophy that recognizes each individual as a unique and emerging personality who is capable of continual growth and high levels of achievement. The program further advocates striving for strong academic performance and developing social emotional well-being for all students with special regard for individual interests, aspirations and capabilities.

Our Services:

Academic Counseling
Academic counseling is available to all students to help them understand their individual strengths, to set goals, and to assist them in planning an appropriate program of studies. Some of the areas in which a counselor may work with students and parents are:

  • Counseling students experiencing academic difficulty and developing strategies for improvement, including referral to various academic resources at the middle school

  • Being available to meet with parents/guardians of all students

Personal Counseling
Personal counseling is available to all students to assist them in managing the normal developmental issues that arise during adolescence. School counselors help students to enhance self-understanding and to learn effective problem solving skills so they will be better equipped to deal with the variety of concerns that middle school students encounter. Students, staff or parents may initiate individual counseling sessions. When warranted, referrals will be made to the school psychologist, school social worker, or an appropriate community agency.
Career Counseling
Career advising is designed to help students begin the process of exploring various career options moving toward the ultimate goal of specific career selection. Recognizing that career development begins with self-knowledge, the goal of many activities is to help students learn about themselves and, subsequently, to match this knowledge with information about the world of work. Counselors assist students in this process through the following activities:

  • Individual and small group counseling at all grade levels to identify and clarify each student's interests, abilities and goals

  • Administration and interpretation of career interest inventories, aptitude assessments, career exploration resources

  • Coordination of career development in conjunction with classroom teachers